Performance in Alba New Music Festival, Edinburgh – stunning works by Cassidy, Barrett and Hoban for both classical and electric guitar – looking forward to it!


Performance in MIXTUR Festival, Barcelona


New CD ‘Shrouded Mirrors’ available at NMC records, check it out!
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New CD for Huddersfield Contemporary Records

Thanks to the support of HCR and the Researcher Development Fund from the University of Huddersfield, I recorded on last summer a solo guitar CD including pieces by Matthew Sergeant, Bryn Harrison, Michael Finnissy, James Dillon, Brian Ferneyhough and Wieland Hoban. There will be a launch concert at hcmf//2015.



November 20/23, 2015

Performances with Ensemble Anomaly (alongside Alex Ward, guitar) in hcmf//2015: Derek Bailey’s realization of Stockhausen’s Plus-Minus for two guitarists and four electric guitars and world premieres of Bailey’s early series of solo guitar pieces.

Plus-Minus solo guitar pieces


November 17-23, 2015

World premiere of Pedro Alvarez: New Forms of Asymmetry (2015), for guitar and ensemble. Ensemble Interface UK-tour: Manchester, Leeds, London and Huddersfield.

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November 9-11, 2015

Paper/performance in DARE 2015 (Dark Precursor: International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research) on Aaron Cassidy’s The Pleats of Matter, alongside the composer.

conference programme


October 20, 2015

Guest seminar in the Contemporary Music Research Centre at the University of York. Rymer Auditorium, 4pm.

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Performance at SIRGA Festival, Catalunya-Spain

Works by Dillon and R. Saunders among others, alongside clapTON ensemble. 20:45, July 10, 2015.

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Recital in Durham-KLANG

Works by Finnissy, Jones, McLaughlin, Bryntessen, Manca, Egan, Codina, Warren and Donatoni. Durham University Music Department, Concert Room. 1 pm, June 4, 2015.

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Performance in Estonia alongside Clapton Ensemble

Works by Saunders, Billone, Masing and Vesik – 7pm, May 22, 2015.

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Lecture-recital in Leeds

I’ll give a lecture-recital on Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II at the School of Music of University of Leeds on next April 23.

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New video

Thanks to CeReNeM and Electric Spring Festival, it was released the video with my performance of Aaron Cassidy’s The Pleats of Matter. This world premiere took place on last February 20 in Huddersfield.

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Paper and performance in Ghent

I’m happy that my  presentation proposal  was selected for the ORCIM Seminar: THE MAKING OF MUSICAL TIME: Temporality in Musical Composition and Performance. It’s a paper presentation and performance at Orpheus Institute on February 25-26. Looking forward to it!

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Lecture and recital in Brunel

I’ll be visiting the Center for Contemporary Music Practice in Brunel University on next January 21st in order to give a lecture and recital–free event.

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Tacit or Loud, Symposium and Festival on Artistic Research

I’ll give a lecture/performance on Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II at Tacit or Loud, Symposium and Festival on Artistic Research in Malmö on next December 1st.

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The Pleats of Matter

I’m currently working in the solo electric guitar piece ‘The Pleats of Matter’ by Aaron Cassidy, which will be premiered in February 2015 at Electric Spring Festival in Huddersfield. Aaron just posted a blog entry documenting the current stages of the collaboration; my own account on what I’ve been doing in order to come across this piece is coming soon.

see Aaron’s post


Performance at hcmf//2014

Performance of solo works by Micheal Finnissy, James Dillon and Matt Sergeant at HCMF.

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Concerts in Durham

Diego will be performing at Durham KLANG festival alongside Peyee Chen (voice) and Alba Bru (flute) in a concert on the 20th of June: trios by Finnissy and Saariajo besides Berio’s sequenzas for voice, flute and guitar respectively. Also, Diego will feature a new version of Baldwin/Castro/Sor a kind of nostalgia alongside Michael Baldwin in a concert on the 21st.

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Performance in London

Diego will be performing Rebecca Saunders Molly’s Song 3 – Shades of Crimson (1996) alongside the new clapTON ensemble. The concert is on next June 10 at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton.

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Conference and performance in Evanston

Diego will be presenting a paper and performing Brian Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II in a Masterclass with the composer at Northwestern University New Music Conference – NUNC! Institute for New Music, April 26-27, 2014.

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Concert in Huddersfield
March 17th,St Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield

Works by Ferneyhough, Radulescu and CeReNeM composers Einbond, Sergeant, Harrison; including three world premieres:

Marc Codina: Frame for [guitar] (2014)
Baldwin/Castro/Sor: ‘a case for adaptive conservatism’ (2014)
Scott McLaughlin: ‘a string vibrates in two directions’ (2014)

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New article at CeReNeM journal:

This is Diego’s first publication in English; an article on Ferneyhough’s guitar piece and its connection with part of Walter Benjamin’s work.  It is the issue 4 of CeReNeM Journal of the University of Huddersfield, edited by Pedro Alvarez.


 Recording a new CD

In January 2014 Diego is recording a new CD alongside Paola Muñoz (recorder) and Cecilia Barrientos (soprano), featuring new works by Gabriele Manca and Chilean composers Cristian Morales, Francisco Silva, Fernando Munizaga and Manuel Contreras.